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Is your Mac running slow? While we love Apple® computers, even Mac systems are susceptible to slowing down over time. As requirements for apps and programs continue to grow, they consume a greater amount of system resources (particularly memory), and you gradually lose the quick, responsive performance that Mac systems are famous for. Hopefully, we can help answer the question of “why is my mac so slow?”


The Retina range of MacBook Pros was introduced in 2012. These come with glued in batteries, which are difficult to remove and necessitates the use of solvents and prying of bare lithium-ion cells. Due to the risks of this procedure, we offer an installation service


We regularly offer industry-relevant training programs and workshops. Our certified instructors have many years of experience in their specialist area and enjoy sharing their expert knowledge with their students.

latest system on unsupported Mac models

If your Mac is more than a few years old and you try to install Monterey on it you will hit a few hurdles – the first being the fact that Software Update won’t let you install the new version of macOS.However, this doesn’t mean that installing Monterey on an older Mac isn’t possible. It is

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