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If you haven't thought of how you'd even DO the jezzails and ratling gun teams (because I'd imagine the warpfireteams were a horror to animate and make) I'm sure many of us would be perfectly ok with a Vermintide styled Ratling gunner where it's a storm vermin group with ratling guns carried in their arms and the ammo drums on their backs. As for how the jezzails could be done you could always have a 'special' style where you have two unit options, one option for jezzails with shields and one with out.


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  • Hi, With so many of us giving up on cq, if not leaving the game, you should just leave doube xp and cxp on so those that are remaining, but no longer participating in conquest something we can do to feel like we're accomplishing something. Those that don't want double xp still have white acute modules to turn it off, so there's no downside for anyone. For more details Decentralized marketing examples
  • Hi, Although we would all love to have "everything" WHFB related introduced into Total War Warhammer sooner or later, is pretty safe to assume that, CA being a business and not a charity, the content added to WH 3 will have certain limitations as a result of budget and time constraints. Game 3 adding the standard 4 races we have been accustomed to as a core (i am going to assume chaos dwarfs, daemons of chaos, ogres and Kislev), while only including some minor free tweaks for game 1 and 2 races. For more details Booking software video
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